’97 Princeton In Communities

Our Great Class of 1997 has created the ’97 Princeton in Communities (PIC) initiative to inspire and energize classmates, their families, and the greater Princeton network to embrace the Princeton motto, In the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity, in their local communities. We intend to do this in advance of, during, and following our 25th Reunion.

Join Us!

Community Engagement Forum
Friday, May 20th from 1:00 – 2:15 p.m.
25th Reunion Main Tent

The planning committee for the ’97 PIC initiative is gauging interest among classmates to attend and become involved before, during, and following Reunions 2022. 

Fill out this interest form (takes just a minute) so that we can provide a more engaging experience that best serves the interests of our classmates at our 25th. 

25th Reunion ’97 Princeton in Communities (PIC)
Service Project

Promoting Childhood Literacy Through Reading with our parent Class of ’72

Come back to Old Nassau with a Children’s Book in your Bag!

Tiger artwork by Ed Strauss ’72

Our 25th Reunion: As is customary for classes celebrating a major reunion, we have put together a Community Service Project in which all classmates can participate, whether you are returning to campus or remaining home during our 25th Reunion.

Classes of ’97 & ’72 Unite: We’re excited to announce that we will be partnering with our parent class, the Great Class of 1972, which will be celebrating its 50th Reunion, in this effort. 

Our ’97 PIC project is 

🐅 Promoting Childhood Literacy Through Reading 🐅

Our Non-Profit PartnerBridge of Books Foundation has been selected as a fantastic beneficiary of our project – it is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-led organization that collects and distributes books to communities in need.  The mission of Bridge of Books Foundation is “to provide an ongoing source of books to underserved children throughout New Jersey in order to support the development of literacy skills and encourage a love of reading.” You can learn more about Bridge of Books from its website.

Get Involved Today: Our Challenge to You

Is there a book from your own childhood that you especially treasured? Or one you’ve read to your kids that they adored? Contribute that book to Bridge of Books!

Please bring a new children’s book to campus, which we’ll collect at our 25th Reunion HQ site by Poe Field. There are two ways to participate:

  1. Bring a new books to Reunions and deposit at our station within 1997’s Headquarters site (near Poe Field).
  2. Purchase a book from Bridge of Books’ Amazon site and have it sent directly to Bridge of Books.

Please note that Bridge of Books lacks the resources to examine and approve used books. Those who contribute will also have multi-class Princeton in Communities pins (sample image above left) at the Reunion site to thank anyone participating in the project.

One last request: Please take a moment to SHARE A STORY/POST A PICTURE on our Kudo Board as you participate in this class-wide and multi-class project. Share the book title that you are selecting and why you chose it, share a memory of how a book made a difference in your own childhood or describe what you are doing in your local community to promote childhood literacy or other philanthropic causes. It may inspire others or certainly make for some great reading! We hope you will take the time to participate in this Community Service Project. It will be great to have all classmates join in this effort and unite with our parent class, too! 

Please contact pic@princeton97.com if you have any questions.

’97 PIC Planning Committee: Ryan Frederick, Mike Kerlin, Christina Goeltz Clarke, Becky Clay-Flores, Rachel Lin, Mary (Lubner) Newburn, Brandon Wegge