Garment Measurement: Women

Before You Begin

To find your size, use a two-button, hip-length blazer that fits you well and follow the instructions on this page. Select the class jacket size that is closest to your measurements. Our recommendation is to size up if in doubt, as it is easier to take in than to take out. Other notes: 

  • Please bear in mind: this is a modern trim fit blazer, so if you want to have a roomy jacket, go up a size for comfort.
  • If you want your class jacket to be fitted, then we recommend finding a more fitted blazer to measure.  If you pick a relaxed blazer to measure, then the size guide will lead you to a larger sized blazer.
  • Please do not order a size just because it’s your normal size. This sizing scale may not be reflective of what you are used to wearing, so please work from measurements. 

How to Measure

Note: The images below are for example purposes only and are not indicative of 1997’s 25th Reunion Class Jacket.

Step A: Chest

  1. Lay blazer that fits you well on flat surface, button top button of jacket and smooth out any wrinkles or folds.
  2. Lay tape measure flat across chest of jacket 1” below armholes as in picture. (Do not pull tape measure tight.)
  3. Take this measurement and and double it.
  4. Write down this chest measurement and move to Step B (Waist).

Step B: Waist

  • Lay down jacket on a flat surface.
  • Measure from the center seam of the jacket to the front edge of jacket (past the button or button hole).
  • Take this measurement and double it.
  • Write down this waist measurement and move to Step C (Waist).

Step C: Hip

  • Lay jacket on a flat surface, make sure there are no creases or folds.
  • Button any buttons that may be open.
  • Place your tape measure 5” from the bottom of jacket, and then measure across.
  • Take this measurement and double it.
  • Write down this hip measurement and move to Step D (Chart).

Sizing Chart for Women (Garment Based)

Step D: Use the Chart

Using the measurements from the previous steps, find your size using the chart below.

MeasurementSize 0Size 2 Size 4 Size 6 Size 8 Size 10Size 12Size 14Size 16Size 18Size 20
Chest (Doubled)3435363738 1/24041 1/243 1/24546 1/248
Waist (Doubled)3233343536384041 1/24344 1/246
Hip (Doubled)35363738394041 1/24344 1/24647 1/2
All dimensions in inches