What is the Covid policy?

Information is current as of 25 March 2022. Subject to change.

The University just pre-announced its anticipated visitor policy that will apply to all alumni and guests attending Reunions 2022. In short, you are able to attend Reunions even if you are unvaccinated, provided that (1) you wear a mask indoors and (2) do not stay overnight in University housing. Additionally, the University reiterated that non-U.S. Reunions attendees are subject to the vaccination policies of their country of residence.

For those living outside the U.S.: If a particular country hasn’t authorized vaccines (or boosters) for a particular age group, then those individuals are not held to the same standard as individuals from the U.S.

We hope that these upcoming adjustments to the policy will help more 1997 members and guests attend our event. However, we note that these planned changes are not yet final and that the current University Visitor Policy in place today is more strict. These requirements will be evaluated regularly by the University over the course of the spring to determine which policies best protect public health while balancing other factors. Please check back for updates.

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