What will our 25th Reunion cost?

There will be three categories of cost for Class members who participate in our 25th Reunion:

  1. 25th Class Jacket
    • On sale now, via the 1997 Store
    • We have past our factor order date, so all purchases are now final, while supplies last
    • Jackets cost $375 each
  2. Registration Fees
    • Visit our Registration information page for details
    • Full Weekend:
      • Adults cost $499 (Early-Bird)
      • Children cost $150 (Early-Bird)
    • Costs are slightly lower for Saturday-only
    • Early Bird Pricing ends March 1, 2022
  3. Travel / Housing costs
    • Hotel or other accommodations (see Housing page for options and costs)
    • Air Transportation (varies)
    • Rental cars

We understand that for many Class members, especially those with families, this is a non-trivial expense. We are making every effort to keep costs in check and expect that our pricing will be consistent with the last in-person 25th Reunion for the Class of 1994 back in 2019.

It is our desire to welcome as many 1997 members to our 25th Reunion as possible. To ensure the largest gathering possible, we will provide financial assistance for members of the Class (guests and children are not included). To learn more, please contact Jonathan Mendelson ’97. Your identity will not be shared with anyone else in the Class nor with the University.