How do I find my jacket size?

To start, we recommend that you review our jacket sizing page.

Our class jacket is a modern fit blazer, true to size through the shoulders and chest. Fits for men are similar to Ralph Lauren or Banana Republic. The fit for women is similar to J Crew. If you prefer a roomier jacket, go up a size for comfort.

  • Remember, you will have this jacket for a long time, so if you’re concerned that your size may fluctuate over the years, you may want to consider buying an extra jacket now. 
    • We do not recommend letting it out in the waist or sleeves.
    • If you plan to eventually tailor your jacket, it is much better to order a larger size and take it in.
  • If you don’t see your size in the dropdown, choose “Other,” proceed with your order, and we will contact you.
  • If you’re not sure or think you’re between sizes, size up. When it comes to sizing, “making smaller” (i.e. shortening a sleeve or taking in a jacket) is a walk in the park compared to “making bigger” (i.e. letting out a jacket). In fact, it is virtually impossible to increase dimensions of a garment that is too small because there isn’t much (if any) fabric hiding inside the seams.

If you’d like additional assistance regarding jacket ordering, please reach out to us.

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