Why purchase jackets separately?

We must ensure that our 25th Reunion jackets are received in Princeton prior to May 2022 to make certain that we are able to properly inventory and prepare them for distribution when 1997 members arrive on campus.

Given the unpredictability of manufacturing and supply chains worldwide, we are already concerned about meeting this date and are taking steps to plan ahead. This means that we need to obtain the count and size distribution from the Class as soon as possible to ensure that we obtain custom materials such as fabrics and buttons in the correct quantities so that the jackets are assembled on schedule. It takes considerable time and expertise to create a quality garment and missing components could cause delays for the entire shipment. We must also navigate other complications, such as holiday periods in various world regions, that could conflict with our manufacturing and shipping schedule, potentially further delaying arrival of the shipment to Princeton.

In parallel, the University has asked us to delay registration for the 25th Reunion while we assess the health, safety, and logistical challenges of hosting a large-scale event on campus during the pandemic. Since the lead time for the jackets doesn’t change either way, there is no other option than to sell jackets now and then ask you to register for the Reunion later. Thank you for your understanding.